Split your car repair cost over monthly repayments interest-free.

PayLater is an unregulated credit agreement provided by Bumper International Limited. We do not charge a set-up fee or interest. Late payment fees will apply. Borrowing more than you can afford, paying late or missing payments may impact your credit score and your ability to borrow in the future. Subject to status, 18+, UK residents only. T&Cs apply.


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Leeds might be known for its music scene, but now it also has Bumper! We don’t predict a riot – in fact, we completely remove any stress from paying for your motor’s maintenance. And if you’re on the lookout for a car repair or MOT garage in Leeds, we’ll point you in the right direction. You can apply for a Credit Limit of up £5,000 to pay for your car repair bill, paying it back in flexible interest-free payments that suit your needs—leaving you with some pennies for a trip to Trinity. Not only that – we work with a list of trusted, local garages, taking the hassle out of deciding where to take your car. So, relax, take a walk in Roundhay Park, and let us do the rest.

Easy to use and helps to spread the cost than to pay a large sum of money in one go. No interest that's brilliant thank you for a great job

Vantage Leeds customer

Benefits of using Bumper for your next repair

No fees. No interest. No worries.


Choose a Bumper approved partner.

Enter your reg & postcode, and we’ll match you with trusted parters for your make of vehicle for your service or repair.


Quick and simple online approval

Apply for a Credit Limit of up to £5,000 in under 60 seconds, receive a Bumper code once accepted, and book an appointment at your garage of choice.


Spread the cost, interest-free

Once the repair has been sorted, present your Bumper code, then choose how many months to spread the cost over. Repay online, anytime.

You must be certain you can meet all payments. A one-off missed payment fee (£12) may be charged. Missed payments may impact your credit score and your ability to borrow in the future. Recovering missed payments may involve using a debt collection agency, or legal action. PayLater is a form of credit not regulated by the FCA.

Calculate your payments

You’re in charge of how you manage your repayments. Give our calculator a try to find out how it could work for you. Select a total amount, and it will show you how much you pay back each month, depending on the number of instalments you decide on.

With Bumper you can:

Get up to a £5,000 credit limit

Flexible structure where you choose up to 6 payments to suit your financial situation

Delay your first payment by up to 40 days, giving you time to manage your budget.

How much?



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This calculator is for illustrative purposes, and the maximum number of months and the initial deposit required will depend on the service partner selected.