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Meera – struggling with finances and no income

Meera's story

Meera suddenly found herself without an income when her benefits were unexpectedly stopped. 


The abrupt loss of financial support left her in a difficult position, struggling to cover her everyday expenses. To make matters worse, her car battery failed and needed replacing, adding another burden to her already strained situation.


Fortunately, a friend recommended Bumper, the car finance solution designed to help people manage unexpected repair costs. Meera was relieved to learn about this option and decided to explore it further. She visited her local garage to inquire if they accepted Bumper as a payment method. 


To her relief, the garage was already a partner with Bumper and welcomed her using the service to cover the cost of the battery replacement.


Thanks to her friend's timely recommendation and the garage's partnership with Bumper, Meera was able to get her car back on the road without any extra worries about money. 


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If you’re facing unexpected car repair costs, search for a local Bumper partner garage on our website and find out more about how 0% car repair finance works.



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  • Bumper can be used to split the cost of car repairs, servicing, MOT, warranties, and accessories. Ultimately, it is down to the retailer what Bumper can be used for so please always check with them first.

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Bumper on this occasion. This is due to the credit checks we undertake. Please contact our support team if you have any questions regarding the declined application.  

  • Bumper are here to help if you cannot keep up with your monthly instalments. As soon as you feel the payments are not manageable, please contact our support team straight away. Our support team will aim to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement which is suitable for you. 

  • A temporary repayment arrangement is a reduced repayment for an agreed period. The amount and number of repayments will vary depending on individual circumstances. 

  • A new repayment arrangement is a repayment plan that has been amended from the original repayment terms.

  • We are obliged to report the status of your PayLater plan to the credit reference agency every month. If you enter a repayment arrangement with Bumper, this will be reported on your credit file due to a change in the original payment terms.  Please note, this is not classed as a late payment.

  • You can contact Bumper by the following methods to discuss your loan: 

    • Phone – 0800 612 0946 
    • Live Chat –
    • Email –
  • You can contact Bumper by the following methods to discuss your loan:

    • Phone – 0800 612 0946 
    • Live Chat -
    • Email –
  • Yes, subject to the credit checks and, you can have multiple PayLaters out at the same time.