Ecologi Project: Using organic waste to produce electricity in India

Ecologi Project: Using organic waste to produce electricity in India


Through our partnership with Ecologi, Bumper is contributing to major climate-positive projects throughout the world. Ecologi helps to support Bumper’s sustainability goals by using funding from its members to invest in carbon avoidance and tree planting projects around the globe. 

Currently, India generates 62 million tonnes of waste annually. Although 75% of this waste is collected, only 20% is treated. This has a huge impact on environmental and health issues across the country. 

When the waste is sent to landfill sites the supply of oxygen to organic waste is often cut off causing it to decompose anaerobically. This produces, amongst other harmful emissions, methane. Methane produced in India contributes to around 29% of total greenhouse gases, with the global average being around 18%.

To make the issue worse, India’s demand for electricity is growing rapidly, with coal power plants often relied upon. This can lead to adverse environmental and health effects for local communities. 

The aim of the Organic Waste Management Programme is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and firewood for cooking by placing biogas plants throughout the country. The biogas is recovered and used for thermal and electrical applications. The programme also helps to avoid emissions by ensuring waste at landfill sites is disposed of properly. 

Between 2016 and 2023 the project resulted in an annual emission avoidance of up to 70,000 tCO2e and supported 73 jobs in the local community. A recent survey also found that 100 families who had previously used firewood for heating food had switched to biogas created from organic waste.

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