Pay later with Bumper

Make car repair & Servicing more affordable

Spread the cost over







. Repair now, pay later.

How it works

See just how quick and easy it is to pay later with Bumper

Apply & Spread the COST, Interest-free

It’s as simple as:


Enter your reg & postcode to search for a trusted local partner.


Apply for your Credit Limit up to €3,000. We don’t need to know how much your bill will be!


Get pre-approved instantly and get your unique Bumper Code.


Book an appointment at your selected service partner.

How will i know what my repayments will be?

When agreeing the cost of your repair, simply give the Service Advisor your Bumper Code.

They’ll send you a link to set up your plan on your smartphone or face-to-face using our secure platform.

You can pick the number of months you’d like to spread the cost over and choose a repayment date that suits you.

You’ll never pay more for your servicing or repair bill when spreading the cost. And, we’ll never inform the partner about your Credit Limit or share any of your information without your consent.

who do you partner with?

We work with the leading brands and service partners nationwide and our network continues to grow everyday.

We help you keep your vehicle in tip-top condition and work with the most reputable dealerships, independent garages and service centres across the UK. Chances are your current garage uses Bumper!

With our partners you can spread the cost of:

Scheduled servicing and maintenance


Unexpected repairs

Body repairs and painting

Accessories and parts

Payment calculator

How do our plans work?

The calculator is illustrative, so play around to get an idea of how much each repayment could be.

The number of repayments, the amount of credit and the need for a deposit changes depending on the partner you choose, but it








Ways you can spread the cost.

Delay the cost of your repairs by up to 40 days by splitting your repayment over

1 to 3 monthly instalments

Pay the first installment upfront on plans over

3 months

Spread the cost over a maximum 3 months (4 repayments including the first due on the day)

How much?



PayLater in 4 interest-free instalments



Today, Deposit



in 30 days



in 60 days



in 90 days

Total repayable


Interest & Fees



A few common questions that you might be thinking.

  • We charge our partners a small service charge when you choose to split your payment with Bumper, and ensure that they never pass this cost to you. That way we keep it all as simple as possible for you.

  • We understand sometimes things can go wrong and we are here to help you.

    We may charge a €12 fee if you miss one or more payments of your plan. If you think you are at risk of missing any of your payments, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you.