If you’re in financial difficulty we’re here to help.


At Bumper, we understand the need to keep your car on the road to get you 

and your family from A to B. We also understand that sometimes, a little extra 

help is needed in times of financial stress.


If you’re finding it difficult to stay on top of your finances know that you’re 

not alone. We’ve compiled some stories of real people we've helped. Their 

names have been changed to protect their identities.

Paul – single dad of 3 children

Being a single parent of 3 primary school-age children with only one income, Paul needs to budget very carefully each month to keep up with the bills. Paul was hit with a number of big, unexpected, bills and began to struggle to make his final repayments to Bumper.

Emma – reduced household income

At the start of one of the most exciting journeys in life – parenthood – Emma found herself needing to cut down her hours at work before maternity leave in order to look after her health. But unfortunate circumstances meant that her husband lost his job at the same time.

Stefan – gambling problem affecting finances

After a few big betting wins, Stefan’s luck soon ran out. He started using more and more of his money each month on placing even bigger bets in the hope of replenishing the money he had lost. This meant he was unable to pay his household bills and Bumper repayments.

Julia – pensioner and feeling the strain of the cost-of-living crisis

Julia has been drawing her pension for 3 years and has always needed to budget carefully. But this became much harder during the cost-of-living crisis. When winter came around, her fuel bills increased and Julia was unable to make her Bumper repayments.

Mo – mental health struggles

Mo lost their job due to mental health problems. With the lack of income, Mo couldn’t keep on top of their bills and finances which resulted in them missing their repayments to Bumper.



Asim – injury resulting in time off work

Asim was unfortunately injured at work, leaving him with nerve damage. This resulted in a significant period of unemployment and reduced income. Due to this, Asim was behind on most of his bills resulting in his debt piling up.


Katherine – lost her husband and struggled with car repair bills

Katherine’s husband died suddenly, resulting in her household income being dramatically reduced. This made it difficult for her to afford household bills and make her Bumper repayments.



Meera – struggling with finances and no income

Due to a series of unfortunate events, Meera found herself without an income, with her benefits being stopped out of the blue. Meera began to struggle paying her monthly bills, including making her repayments to Bumper. 


George – diagnosed with cancer

George was diagnosed with cancer, resulting in ongoing treatment and time off work. George’s partner cared for him, but they couldn’t keep on top of the couple’s finances as George’s income was reduced. 



Our support team are here to listen, understand and advise you on how to seek help to manage your finances. 

Speak to our friendly support team on the phone, via live chat or by email.

0800 612 0946

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Other ways you can get help with your money worries - the UK’s largest provider of free independent debt advice and managed solutions - offering free and independent debt advice over the phone and online - working to empower people across the UK to develop the skills and behaviours to make the most of their money - a free, online benefits calculator, that helps individuals calculate and understand the benefits they are entitled to


Or contact for a full list of local financial advisors and debt counsellors


  • Bumper can be used to split the cost of car repairs, servicing, MOT, warranties, and accessories. Ultimately, it is down to the retailer what Bumper can be used for so please always check with them first.

  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Bumper on this occasion. This is due to the credit checks we undertake. Please contact our support team if you have any questions regarding the declined application.  

  • Bumper are here to help if you cannot keep up with your monthly instalments. As soon as you feel the payments are not manageable, please contact our support team straight away. Our support team will aim to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement which is suitable for you. 

  • A temporary repayment arrangement is a reduced repayment for an agreed period. The amount and number of repayments will vary depending on individual circumstances. 

  • A new repayment arrangement is a repayment plan that has been amended from the original repayment terms.

  • We are obliged to report the status of your PayLater plan to the credit reference agency every month. If you enter a repayment arrangement with Bumper, this will be reported on your credit file due to a change in the original payment terms.  Please note, this is not classed as a late payment.

  • You can contact Bumper by the following methods to discuss your loan: 

    • Phone – 0800 612 0946 
    • Live Chat – 
    • Email – 
  • You can contact Bumper by the following methods to discuss your loan:

    • Phone – 0800 612 0946 
    • Live Chat - 
    • Email – 
  • Yes, subject to the credit checks and, you can have multiple PayLaters out at the same time.