Bumper's Turkey Office Awarded 'Best Small Workplace' Award

Bumper's Turkey Office Awarded 'Best Small Workplace' Award

We're pleased to announce that our Ankara office has been awarded the prestigious 'Best Small Size Workplaces 2024' award by Great Place to Work.

The award recognises the safe and collaborative environment Bumper has always strived to create across its locations. 

What is the Best Small Size Workplaces Award?

The 'Best Small Size Workplaces' award is granted by Great Place to Work, a global organisation that evaluates and recognises the best companies to work for around the world.

This award is given to companies that have demonstrated an outstanding working environment, based on trust, respect and collaboration between all team members.

To earn this recognition, award-winning companies are evaluated through anonymous employee surveys and several in-depth analyses of the workplace's practices and policies.

How did we achieve this?

Achieving this recognition has been no easy task, but at Bumper we have focused our efforts on creating an environment where our team feels valued and motivated, regardless of their location.

In 2023 we achieved Great Place to Work UK and Great Place to Work Turkey certifications for our offices in London, Sheffield and Turkey, but we wanted to go further!

This year our commitment was reflected through the 'Best Small Size Workplaces' thanks to the consistency in our values. Some of the key factors that helped us achieve this recognition include:

  • Culture of Trust: We foster a culture where transparency is key. Every employee knows that his or her voice is heard and valued, which contributes to creating an open and transparent working environment.
  • Development Opportunities: We are committed to the continuous development of our team. Growth on both a personal and professional level not only contributes to the company's performance but also creates a set of skills with which to demonstrate their talent and ambitions.
  • Collaborative Environment: We are a team and collaboration is the key to developing creative ideas. That's why all our offices have social and team-building events. But our biggest success has been the company retreat we recently organised in Sherwood Forest.
  • Wellness and Balance: We care about the well-being of our employees by providing benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance. This includes flexible working hours, wellness programmes and mental health support.

The significance of this achievement

Receiving the 'Best Small Size Workplaces 2024' award is validation that we are on the right track. This award not only distinguishes us as a leading company in creating positive workplaces but also drives us to continue to improve and adapt to the needs of our team.

In addition, this achievement has a positive impact on our reputation and helps us attract and retain high-quality talent. According to Great Place to Work studies, recognised companies tend to outperform in their industry. 

A positive work environment can increase productivity by up to 20% and reduce staff turnover by 41%, which is a great benefit to both our employees and our customers.

We are extremely proud of our Ankara office for receiving the 'Best Small Size Workplaces 2024' award. This achievement would not be possible without the effort and dedication of our hard-working and committed staff.

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