Auto Service Finance has rebranded to Bumper

Auto Service Finance has rebranded to Bumper

1st March 2021 – We’re pleased to announce we’ve rebranded from AUTO SERVICE FINANCE to BUMPER.

We’ve refreshed our look and tuned up our name, so let’s pull up to the Bumper and see how we got here.

Why the name?

We chose Bumper as we wanted a name that epitomisess our brand values.

A name that conveys usefulness, convenience, and flexibility, whilst also being simple and transparent. One that was more memorable, shorter, and easier to recall than Auto Service Finance.

We believe the new name speaks to drivers and engages them - it’s human, upbeat, savvy, and different.

Car bumpers protect vehicles and their drivers - just like Bumper.

Why the colour?

We chose the colour orange as we wanted to stand out from other FinTech and Buy Now Pay Later providers.

We wanted to choose a colour that was bold and striking, whilst also being friendly and inviting.

Much like how Cadbury’s own purple and Coca-cola own red – Bumper is here to own orange.

Why choose Bumper?

Visiting a garage can be a daunting experience.

It’s hard to know the good work from the bad, and a fair price from a rip-off.

That’s where Bumper comes in.

We’ve built strong relationships with a network of responsible and trusted garages.

We bring you garages with the best workmanship and the fairest prices – matching top-class drivers with a top-notch service.

Then came a problem we all face – the cost of repairs.

From unexpected large amounts to small ones you’d rather skip, they are necessary for keeping you on the road.

We want to release drivers from the burden of the upfront lump-sum, with simple monthly payments, that are always interest-free.

So, whether you’re a driver looking for car repairs made easy or a garage looking to do things right – Bumper’s got your back.

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