Best novelty car accessories found online

Best novelty car accessories found online

We’ve scoured the internet for the best novelty car accessories you can buy online. 

Headlight Eyelashes 


Some people feel that certain cars just exude feminine energy and therefore like to empower them with fake eyelashes.  You may remember that these became very popular around the early 2010s, but we think they’re due for a comeback. Full throttle or full glam?  

Travel Coffee Machine 


If you’re in the mood for scolding yourself with boiling hot water on your morning commute, why not go for an in-car Espresso Machine? Having said that, we would risk it all for our morning coffee. 

Car Air Mattress 


Some would say the casual car sleeper is a person at their lowest. But we disagree, the back seat bedtime is the resting place for the most resourceful of people. So why not curl up on this comfy-looking air mattress? You might need to pop your legs out the window if you’re tall. 

Fast-Food Tray and French Fry Holder 


Cars just weren’t designed for how much fast food we need to eat in them. Whilst you’re tackling the burger, where do you put your fries? And who thought of putting three cup holders in a car that seats four? It just doesn’t work. Alone, these products don't solve the problem, but together you’re onto a winner. Just make sure to only use this whilst parked! 

If you agree with our list, the items listed above are available to purchase online now. But we suspect your money might be better spent elsewhere.  

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