Bumper Lisbon 2022: Team collaboration event

Bumper Lisbon 2022: Team collaboration event

Team Bumper met (for the first time in its entirety) in Lisbon last month for a week of collaborative workshops and team-bonding activities. 

In attendance, were our teams based in the UK, Spain, Germany and our development team based in Ankara, Turkey. 

Company update 

The main purpose of the meet-up was to allow members of different departments to collaborate, chat and understand each other’s goals.  

During the update, teams stood to present who they were and their plans for the future. We heard from People, Engineering, Product, Sales, Risk and Compliance, Growth, and Operations. 

Our values 

Before the trip, workshops were held by our People Team, to understand exactly what Bumper’s core values are; how we work together as a team, how we approach new opportunities and challenges, and how we interact with external stakeholders. 

The result: We are ATOMIK

What it means to be ATOMIK: 

All in - We’re committed, enthusiastic and always give 110%. 

Think big - We're inquisitive, drive change & positively disrupt. 

Own it - We embrace it, put our stamp on it & take pride in it. 

Make it happen - We're passionate, tenacious and resilient; we get the job done 

Integrity - We keep it real & we trust each other to do the right thing, in the right way. 

Keep it Simple - We stay focused on the goal, avoid overcomplicating things & insist on transparency. 

Guest speaker: Alan Chambers MBE 

One evening, we were joined by guest speaker, Alan Chambers, who discussed team motivation, how to create a winning mindset and what inspirational leadership looks like. Alan is a former Royal Marine Commando, Author, and Polar Adventurer. 

He led the first successful unsupported expedition from Canada to the North Pole by a British team. The expedition took them a whopping 672 nautical miles, through temperatures as low as -65°C. 

After seventy days out on the ice, Alan’s team planted the Union Flag on the 16th of May 2000. 

Team bonding

Lastly, some of the team took to the water for paddle-boarding and surfing, whilst others enjoyed a relaxing yoga session. 

For many of the team, working remotely across Europe, this was a great opportunity for them to get to know who they’re working with, face-to-face, without using a video meetings! 

Here’s what the team had to say: 

“Very happy to meet every Bumpee face-to-face and spend time together. It was a great opportunity to collect unforgettable memories with each of you!” 

Sumru, Talent and People partner (Turkey) 

“Glad to have met most of Bumper and had the opportunity to spend such a legendary time with each of you! I certainly enjoyed myself! A big thank you for the organisers!” 

Marcello, System Administrator (UK) 

“Thank you to all organizers for this great retreat. It was great opportunity to meet all you in person. I hope to see you all again next retreat”  

Semih, Frontend Developer (Turkey) 

“I had a blast! I had been hearing about this trip since I joined a year ago and it really surpassed my expectations big time. So proud to be part of Bumper; loved every minute of it!” 

Francisca, Chief Product Officer (UK) 

“Thank you all so much for making this retreat so amazing.” 

Arnaldo, Regional Sales Manager (Spain) 

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