Bumper in Sherwood Forest: An unforgettable retreat

Bumper in Sherwood Forest: An unforgettable retreat

We've all heard of Robin Hood and his adventures in Sherwood Forest, right? At Bumper we tried to recreate that amazing experience a week ago at our corporate retreat. 

This event was not only an opportunity to disconnect and enjoy nature but also to get to know each other a little better. Read on to hear about our incredible adventure. 

An International Meeting 

This year, we set out to do something special by bringing together our teams from across Europe in one place, and what better than Center Parcs in the heart of Sherwood Forest? With its rich history and breathtaking scenery, it was the perfect setting for our team-building activities. 

The day started with an outdoor problem-solving expedition through the forest where teams had to pass various tests, including tests of dexterity, riddle solving and physical challenges. Typical of our British weather, it rained from the outset! 

Throughout the stay, we also had the opportunity to enjoy other outdoor activities that helped us to disconnect from the day-to-day: 

  • Paintball: Without a doubt, the activity that tested our ability to work together under pressure. Equipped with protective clothing, we divided into teams and engaged in an intense game of strategic combat.
  • Archery: Following in the footsteps of the legendary Robin Hood, we tested our archery skills – and some proved to be true experts!
  • Pottery Painting: For those looking for a more relaxed and creative activity, it was a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and encourage calmness and concentration. 

Strengthening Bonds 

This retreat was a unique opportunity for all of us who were able to attend. 

The team-building activities not only helped us to develop collaborative skills but also helped us to build trust and get to know each other a little better. 

We also shared laughs and experiences during dinner, where we had the opportunity to participate in a charity raffle. The generous contributions of colleagues, family and friends, raised a massive £1,400 for the Ukraine crisis appeal.  

The Bumper Awards celebration, where the work and efforts of colleagues were recognised, rounded off the evening.

Together we make success possible 

In such a relaxed and natural environment, the conversations flowed easily and many creative ideas emerged that we hope to implement in our future projects. 

In a dynamic and ever-changing industry, these events are essential in encouraging colleague collaboration. 

Our retreat at Sherwood Forest was more than just a getaway. It was an experience that allowed us to grow as a team and as individuals. We all returned home with a renewed sense of energy. 

We look forward to the next retreat and the new adventures that await us!

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