Bumper team up with Ecologi to tackle urgent climate crisis

Bumper team up with Ecologi to tackle urgent climate crisis

Bumper has teamed up with Ecologi to set and achieve goals for a carbon neutral future.

Bristol based, Ecologi, was set up to empower everyday people and businesses to help tackle the climate crisis. Funds raised go directly to planet saving projects. A key area of focus is Tree Planting, one of the best tools to help keep our temperatures from rising, and carbon reduction, the process of removing more greenhouses gases than are produced.

So far Bumper has funded the planting of 1,000 trees, which is 73.53 tonnes of carbon reduction. This is equivalent to 56 long haul flights, 148,428 miles driven in a car and 221 square meters of sea ice saved.

Bumper’s funding has already contributed to several green projects.

Repairing water boreholes in Eritrea

This project aims to provide long term access to clean water for families in the Zoba Debub district of Eritrea by repairing water boreholes. Boreholes are used in the region to access clean water however a large number are broken. Repaired water boreholes access naturally cleaned water purified as it percolates through pores in the rock and reduces the number of residents using fired wood as a means of purification.

Forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay

Previously used for cattle grazing for 300 years, 21,298 hectares of land have been turned into sustainable managed forestry. The project, which is over seen by Rainforest Alliance, should remove 7,644,973 tonnes of CO2 in the next 60 years.

Our goal is to help plant 100,000 trees in the next 12 months and become a carbon neutral business.

To learn more about the work Ecologi is doing visit their website.

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