Cheapest Family Cars to Insure

Cheapest Family Cars to Insure

When it comes to purchasing a family car in the UK, affordability is a key concern. Beyond the initial purchase price, you'll want to consider the cost of taxing, servicing and insuring your new vehicle.  

Car insurance can be a substantial expense, especially for families, but there are options available that won't break the bank. In this article, we'll explore some of the cheapest family cars to insure in the UK, categorised by body type: saloons, estate cars, SUVs, and 7-seaters. 

We’ve also given some indicative insurance premium costs, remember these will vary greatly depending on your personal circumstances. We based our quotes on a 40-year-old driver with 20 years of experience and 10 years of no claims bonus. 

Cheapest Saloon Cars to Insure

Whilst a hatchback is convenient for loading objects in the back, estates are significantly bigger. If you need to move multiple people, but not bulky items, a full-size saloon (sedan in the US) is the car for you. These are some of the cheapest saloons to insure: 

Ford Mondeo - £570 per year

The Ford Mondeo has been a UK favourite for decades, and its popularity extends to insurers who generally offer competitive rates for this compact saloon. Its reliable and efficient engines, along with a strong safety record, make it an attractive choice for families. 

Whilst the Mondeo has been discontinued by Ford in favour of SUV and Crossovers, there are some great bargains to be found on the second-hand market, particularly on older cars, 2007 - 2014 in particular where the premium Titanium X model can be found for less than £4,000, equipped with cruise control, leather heated seats, DAB radio and more.  

Vauxhall Insignia - £490 per year

Another well-liked option, the Vauxhall Insignia, is often praised for its affordability, both in terms of purchase price and insurance costs. A perfect replacement to the ageing Vectra, Its relatively compact design makes it easy to navigate through city streets and park in tight spaces, but with enough space and features to be comfortable on long journeys. 

Its high safety record means it has a low insurance group, and therefore doesn’t cost too much to insure. 

Skoda Octavia - £550 per year

The Skoda Octavia offers a bit more space than the previous two options while maintaining reasonable insurance rates. It's known for its spacious interior, quality build, and strong safety features, all of which contribute to its appeal for families. 

The wide range of engine options is another selling point for the Skoda, the best one for a balance of cheap insurance, economy and usable power, is the 2.0 TDI. You can opt for the 1.6 TDI or 1.5 petrol, but for motorway driving a little more power would be worth the increase in cost.  

Cheapest Estate Cars to Insure

Estate cars are multi-purpose, they can carry 5 adults whilst also hauling a large suitcase for each. If you then need to move some furniture, simply fold the back seats down and you effectively have a small van. For that reason they’re perfect for families, these ones are selected for their low insurance costs: 

Dacia Logan MCV - £400 per year

The Dacia Logan MCV combines practicality with affordability. As an estate car, it offers ample cargo space, making it a great choice for family trips. Its low purchase price is mirrored in insurance costs, making it one of the most budget-friendly estate cars to insure. 

Something you might not know is that MCV stands for Maximum Capacity Vehicle, something that Dacia have taken seriously, with its near 600 litre boot capacity.  

Kia Ceed Sportswagon - £550 per year

Whilst the name Sportswagon may not initially indicate “cheap to insure” the Sportswagon actually manages to secure one of the lowest insurance groups of the whole lineup, with the 1.0 petrol engine being in group 9.  

With Kia's reputation for reliability and affordable maintenance, the other running costs should be relatively low too. The Ceed is also fitted with some great infotainment tech, such as lane keeping, on the higher spec models.  

Volvo V70 - £420 per year

Historically, Volvo has had a reputation for being owned by older drivers, what this means to insurance companies, though, is careful drivers. This is often reflected in the cost of insurance on the practical and safe Swedish autos, to this day.

The V70 is Volvo’s medium estate car, with the V60 and V90 representing the compact and larger estates in their lineup. It offers a good balance of a large boot, but economical engine choices. In typical Volvo fashion, the safety features are some of the best you’ll find in a car of a similar age. 

Cheapest SUV Cars to Insure

Some SUVs offer slightly more passenger space and comfort when compared to saloons or estates. One thing they certainly help with is road visibility, which is why many people feel safer driving them. These are some of the cheapest to insure SUVs: 

Renault Captur - £600 per year

The Renault Captur is a crossover SUV that blends style with practicality. It's often found on the lower end of the insurance cost spectrum thanks to its modest power and plentiful safety features. 

We’d recommend the TCe 130 engine, as the 1.3 turbo petrol has just enough power to make progress, but retains a low insurance category of 15. If you want even cheaper insurance, the TCe 90 is group 11, but some users report it being underpowered for long journeys. 

Suzuki Vitara - £545 per year

The Suzuki Vitara offers an SUV experience without the high insurance costs typically associated with larger SUVs. Its compact size and fuel-efficient engines contribute to its affordability, both in terms of purchase and ongoing expenses. 

As a Japanese-made vehicle, you can be sure the engine and transmission will be robust for many years to come, we’d recommend the full hybrid version for its great fuel economy and ample power. 

Hyundai Kona - £640 per year

The Hyundai Kona is a subcompact SUV that provides a well-rounded package at a budget-friendly price. Its competitive insurance rates due to being in group 16, combined with its modern design and safety features, make it an attractive option for families. 

The 1.6-litre petrol hybrid gives plenty of power for motorway journeys, with the battery and motor assisting nicely for town and city driving, achieving an overall MPG of just above 50. 

Cheapest 7-Seater Cars to Insure

If transporting more than 5 people is something you do regularly, then a 7 seater is a must. The first ‘people carrier’ was the Renault Espace in 1984. Thankfully the technology, comfort and safety of 7-seaters have improved a lot since then, and because they are often used for family duties only, the insurance premiums can be surprisingly reasonable. 

Dacia Jogger - £610 per year

The Dacia Jogger is a budget-friendly 7-seater that offers space and practicality without straining your budget. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive 7-seaters, its affordability is hard to beat. 

We think the Jogger is one of Dacia’s best-looking cars to date and has completely revamped the image of Dacia cars, and even the image of 7-seaters in general, with its angular but stylish design.  

The hybrid powertrain produces 140 hp but still returns in excess of 55 MPG, from the 1.6 petrol engine and motor combination. There’s also a 1.0 3-cylinder petrol, which would be the best choice for cheaper insurance.  

Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer - £540 per year

The Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer is a stylish and spacious 7-seater with reasonable insurance costs. Citroens are known for their comfortable ride and family-friendly features, making it a strong contender for larger families. 

Thanks to the great safety features built-in as standard, and the low insurance group, the C4 SpaceTourer is as reasonable to insure as it is to buy. 

Volkswagen Touran - £600 per year

A mainstay in the people carrier market, the Volkswagen Touran is a well-rounded 7-seater that combines Volkswagen's reputation for quality with relatively low insurance premiums.  

It offers a versatile interior, strong safety features, and efficient engines, making it a solid choice for larger families on a budget. Whilst the standard SE trim doesn’t offer too much tech compared to the R-Line, they all come equipped with pre-collision braking and sophisticated electronic stability systems.  


So, the cars detailed above mean that family transport doesn’t need to cost a lot in yearly running costs. We found that for the best insurance premiums, estate and saloon cars are cheaper than SUVs, so if you don’t need the extra height of a crossover or SUV, take a look at some estate and saloon cars first.  

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