Mercedes Benz South West Exeter: Dealership of the Month

Mercedes Benz South West Exeter: Dealership of the Month

We’re pleased to announce our first Dealership of the Month for 2024 is Mercedes Benz South West Exeter. 

The site has enjoyed large successes with Bumper's interest-free instalment option, harnessing the power of PayLater to boost customer retention and satisfaction. 

Having joined the Bumper network in 2022, the Mercedes Benz South West Exeter team recently attended a Bumper training session. Available to all partners on the network, the session is an opportunity to sit down with Bumper’s engagement team and discuss best practices when offering our payment products to drivers. 

Steve Johnson, General Service Manager for the Exeter-based site, found that offering customers flexible payment options significantly boosts red work conversion, improving the safety of customers’ vehicles. 

He said, “Bumper Pay Later has significantly enhanced our ability to maximize eVHC (Electronic Vehicle Health Check) red work identified sales. By offering customers the flexibility to defer payment for necessary repairs, we've removed financial barriers that might otherwise deter them from approving essential work on their vehicles. This approach has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it aligns with their financial preferences and circumstances.  

“Additionally, Bumper Pay Later encourages customers to address red work promptly, leading to improved vehicle safety and performance while boosting revenue for our service department. Overall, integrating Bumper Pay Later into our eVHC process has proven instrumental in optimizing sales and enhancing customer experience.” 

Matthew Squire, Senior Service Team Manager, said, “I really enjoy being able to offer Bumper, it’s a complete ease for the customer and for us to work with. There has been lots of positive feedback from allowing customers to spread the cost monthly at 0%”. 

Congratulations to Steve, Matthew, and the whole team at Mercedes Benz South West Exeter!

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