Hawkins Motors Blackwater named Dealership of the Month

Hawkins Motors Blackwater named Dealership of the Month

We’re pleased to name Hawkins Motors Blackwater as the Dealership of the Month for June 2023.

The win follows a recent Bumper refresher training session that saw the number of customers using Bumper’s payment options to spread the cost of their service or repair bill increase tenfold.  

Making use of all the options available on their Bumper account, the team at Hawkins, have implemented PayLater into their everyday aftersales process. Completing applications on their own desktops, using the send-to-customer link or via the eDynamix integration, the team have started to see a boost in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Customers have already begun to express how easy using Bumper at Hawkins is, with one reviewer saying of the experience, “Thanks to Zak at Hawkins Motors for arranging a quick solution for an unexpected but vital repair to my vehicle.” Others described the process as “straightforward” and “quick and easy.”

Bumper’s Islay Horton, pictured above, said, “I’m so pleased to have presented another Dealership of the Month award to a site in my area. The team at Hawkins have clearly demonstrated everything it takes to be a top-performing Bumper partner.

“From the initial offering and discussion with the customer to processing the applications on their Bumper accounts, Zak, Nick, Lucy and the rest of the team have displayed a real understanding of the benefits of Bumper to the customer and what an incredible tool it can be for any aftersales team”.

Congratulations to the whole team at Hawkins on your win!

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