Does King Charles III's Car Really Run on Cheese and Wine?

Does King Charles III's Car Really Run on Cheese and Wine?

We’re sure there will be many classic cars at the fast-approaching coronation of King Charles III. After all, it’s a time-honoured and historic ceremony that will surely be celebrated in style.

But what will those cars be fuelled by? Most would guess petrol or diesel but that might not necessarily be the case. Not if the King’s classic blue 1970 Aston Martin is involved.

That’s because this vehicle really does run on cheese and wine. Not the type you’re likely to see on any dining table, however. This is bioethanol, made using surplus wine mixed with whey.

The motor was gifted to him by the late Queen Elizabeth II for his 21st birthday in 1969. In 2008, he decided he didn’t like how much fuel the vehicle used so asked an organic farmer to conceive a plan to make the car more eco-friendly.

Engineers at Aston Martin asked the then Prince not to make the change saying it will ruin the vehicle but being a big advocate for the environment he asked them to do it anyway. The car now drives better than ever, allegedly.

Using the vehicle for many royal engagements, the blue Aston Martin is reportedly more powerful than ever and as the King says himself “It smells delicious as you’re driving along.” 

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Image source: Glenn Euloth. Image cropped.

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