Hackathon 2022: 3 teams compete to create new product

Hackathon 2022: 3 teams compete to create new product

Team Bumper gathered in Antalya, Turkey for our first Hackathon.  

Split into three groups, members from the sales, growth, product, and development teams competed to create a new product. Tasked with one objective - take Bumper’s product offering to the next level - the teams had just two days to take their idea from conception to a valid, usable product. 

Judged by co-founders, James Jackson and Jack Allman, and members of the executive team, the groups’ products were scored in five key areas. 

  1. Technology - Demonstration of engineering skills and the quality of the code. 
  2. Design - Attention to aesthetics, considering interaction and user experience. 
  3. Commercial - Does the product meet customers’ needs and does it have the potential to be a commercial success? 
  4. Presentation - Clarity of written and verbal presentation of the product to the judging panel. 
  5. Inspiration - Did the idea excite the judges? 

Working flat-out, the developers had to work against the clock to make their team’s idea a reality. Developer Talut Tasgiran said, “The Hackathon was as fun as it was tiring! 

“The prototyped ideas will be incredibly valuable for Bumper. It was fantastic to meet with team members I hadn’t met in person before and see how hard everyone worked to achieve something so big in such a small amount of time.” 

The next steps 

The products created by our teams will undergo further development and rigorous testing before implementation into the Bumper system. 

Thank you to the three teams who took part in the event. We look forward to sharing our new features with our users in the future. 

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