The most reliable cars to buy in the UK in 2024

The most reliable cars to buy in the UK in 2024

Cars aren't made to break. Years of planning and testing go into designing the perfect model, ensuring that it lasts the test of time.  

However, some certain makes and models last longer than others. So, if you want to buy from the most reliable car brands, you need to do your research before you hit the dealership. 

With the cost of repairs, as expensive as they are, a reliable car can save you a lot of money in the long run. Luckily for us, Auto Express' Driver Power Survey has a ranking of the most reliable cars. Today, we're breaking these down and giving you the lowdown on the most reliable car brands in 2024. 

The top 10 most reliable cars for UK drivers 

Ready to start browsing? Here are the top 10 most reliable cars and brands for 2024. 

10. Nissan Leaf

Reliability rating: 96.69%  

Class: Compact/Small family car 

Nissan has always been known as a reliable brand, and the Nissan Leaf continues this reputation. The Nissan Leaf scores 96.69% on the reliability scale, likely thanks to its 60,000-mile or three-year warranty, 5-door style, and sustainable electric engine.  

9. Hyundai Kona

Reliability rating: 96.75%  

Class: Subcompact crossover SUV 

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable car, the Hyundai Kona should be on your radar. With a generous unlimited mileage/five-year warranty, drivers don’t need to worry about any unexpected issues. Plus, the car doesn’t have hefty running costs, meaning maintenance payments are easier to navigate.  

8. Lexus RX

Reliability rating: 96.78%  

Class: Mid-size luxury crossover SUV 

Calling drivers who enjoy high-quality interiors and luxury finishings. Drivers report that the Lexus RX has excellent interior quality and finish, meaning you always have an impeccable driving experience. Plus, it’s covered by a three-year manufacturer warranty and an additional 10,000-mile or 12-month warranty for every Lexus main dealer service. Nice. 

7. Lexus NX

Reliability rating: 97.20%  

Class: Compact luxury crossover SUV  

No, you’re not seeing double. The next on our list is another Lexus, but this time, it’s the NX rather than the RX. This is a smaller car, but it actually has a slightly higher reliability rating. Drivers report that this car is perfect for family life, has a perfect interior, and offers a safe and dependable driving experience. 

6. BMW i3

Reliability rating: 97.38%  

Class: Supermini or subcompact car  

Though the BMW i3 was retired by BMW in 2023, owners are still talking about this car’s strengths, so much so that it’s placed 6th on the reliability questionnaire. Its highlights include a high-quality build, a 3-year warranty, and an 8-year warranty for the car’s lithium-ion battery pack. 

5. Mazda CX-5

Reliability rating: 97.76% 

Class: Compact crossover SUV  

The Mazda CX-5 has been one of the most reliable cars for a few years now, and in 2024, it’s still as popular as ever. This is another family-friendly SUV with great exterior quality and a hefty 60,000 mile/3-year warranty. The only complaint about this model is that the maintenance costs are more expensive than others. 

4. Toyota Prius

Reliability rating: 98.13% 

Class: Compact/Small family car 

It’s not a surprise that the Toyota Prius has made the top five, as this car has a respectable reputation and an excellent range of features. Add into the mix a 60,000 mile. You have a 3-year warranty and the option for a 100,000 mile/10-year warranty with servicing at a Toyota main dealer, and a truly dependable vehicle. 

3. Ford EcoSport

Reliability rating: 98.27%  

Class: Small SUV 

We’re in the top three now, and the first is the Ford EcoSport. With few technical issues and a top warranty of five years/100,000 miles, we can see why this car has impressed its drivers. The only minor drawback is its interior — some drivers wish it had more of a “premium” feel. 

2. Toyota GR Yaris

Reliability rating: 98.66% 

Class: Hot hatch/Sport Compact 

Hot hatches might not be the first model that comes to mind when you think about reliability, but the Toyota GR Yaris is here to change expectations. This car scores high on the list for its overall reliability and driving pleasure. Perfect for drivers who want to truly enjoy their time on the road.  

1. Subaru Outback 

Reliability rating: 98.70%  

Class: Mid-size crossover SUV 

First on the list, with a near-perfect reliability rating of 98.70%, is the Subaru Outback. This impressive model is well-loved for its general reliability, driver’s seat visibility, legroom, front-seat comfort, and styling. It also comes with a 60,00 mile/3-year warranty to ensure peace of mind while cruising. Amazing. 

Most reliable cars in the UK - The top FAQs 

Looking for a new car? Here are some of the top questions about the most reliable car brands. Consider these before you start shopping. 

What are the most reliable car brands? 

Any of the car brands on this page are very reliable. However, Lexus and Toyota are often considered two of the best car brands when looking for a dependable drive. 

What makes a car reliable? 

Not all cars are reliable. But what makes a reliable car? These are the top factors to consider if you want a dependable vehicle: 

  • Warranty times 
  • Need for servicing and maintenance 
  • Affordable service payments 
  • Overall drive experience 
  • Quality of the car’s build 

What car breaks down the most? 

According to expert research, Alfa Romeos, Land Rovers, and Chevrolets are the brands most likely to break down. However, it’s critical to remember that breakdowns are rare, and the majority of car purchases from these brands are stress-free.  

Final thoughts about the most reliable cars 

Did you see your favourite car on this list? Or did we skip over your top reliable car? Hopefully, this blog has inspired you to check out some of these makes and models before you make your next purchase. Bookmark this page so you don’t lose it! 

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