Our tech team reflect on their trip to Portugal

Our tech team reflect on their trip to Portugal

Like many others working in the tech industry, the pandemic had dramatically changed our working life over the last few years. Spending more time at home, away from colleagues, created a more challenging working environment for us.

When it was announced we would be going to Portugal for a team-bonding exercise we were excited for some face-to-face time with colleagues.

Initially, the trip was postponed due to the Covid lockdowns in Turkey, where our tech team are based, so we had to wait a while before we could.  

In preparation, we created an app to keep our fellow ‘Bumpees’ up to date with timetables, flight times and menus for evening meals. The organisers of the trip used the app to send notifications to the attendees. We also had to make sure our visas were applied for and approved, which was a very lengthy process.

When June 2022 arrived, we were ready to go. The team jumped on a plane from Ankara to Lisbon – flight time, 8 hours! We reached Lisbon and headed to our hotel in Ericeira, a small surfer town about 50 minutes from the centre of Lisbon.

Then it was time for the retreat to begin. First on the agenda was meeting the rest of the team face-to-face. Having only seen most of the team members on video calls, it was interesting to see how we shared many of the same values and goals.

The following days were filled with activities, workshops, motivational speakers, and a little time to spend on the beach too! The whole experience was unforgettable and has really brought the team closer together.

About the author

Semih Özden graduated with a 3.45 GPA from Orta Doğu Teknik University, Ankara and has over 5 years of experience as a front and back-end developer.  

He has worked as a React developer for Bumper for almost 2 years and is responsible for designing and creating JavaScript-based applications for web or mobile environments.  

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