Ecologi Project: Renewable Energy Solutions in Morocco

Ecologi Project: Renewable Energy Solutions in Morocco

The majority of energy consumed in Morocco is created by fossil fuels, with around 57% coming from oil, and 33% from coal. In 2021, solar energy in the country accounted for less than 2% of the overall energy mix. With such substantial solar and wind power potential, Morocco has been actively developing renewable energy sources to meet the growing demand.

The Ouarzazate solar power station is one such project looking to capitalise on the country’s solar power potential. One of the world’s largest concentrated solar projects, this huge facility uses concave mirrors to concentrate solar energy and generates 582 megawatts of electricity. 

The site can store up to 7 hours of solar energy for continuous power supply after sunset.

The chosen region for the project benefits from exceptionally high sunlight year-round, giving the power station a unique advantage for solar energy generation.

In addition to a new source of renewable energy, the project has had a big impact on local communities. 7,000 local job opportunities have been created as well as educational initiatives and skills training.

A mobile hospital to provide health services to the local community has been set up, and funding is given to the local medical centre, including an ultrasound machine.

Additionally, the project has helped the local community by providing a minibus, which has lowered the local school dropout rate. 

Through our partnership with Ecologi, Bumper contributes to lots of climate-positive projects throughout the world. To find out more about how Bumper gives back to our community head to our sustainability page.

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