Volkswagen to offer 0% APR finance in bid to boost aftersales experience

Volkswagen to offer 0% APR finance in bid to boost aftersales experience

Volkswagen UK is improving their aftersales experience by offering customers interest free on repairs, servicing, MOTS and accessories.

Bumper is an innovative, interest-free lender that allows customer to split their repair bill at no additional cost. With flexible options to suit big and small invoices, anything between £60 and £3,000 can be borrowed and split over 1 to 6 instalments (a payment made on the day is required for 4, 5 and 6 instalments).

The service is available in participating VW garages across the UK. Applications are subject to a Soft Check and a decision is presented to the customer instantly.

Head of Aftersales at VW UK, Kevin Rendell, said, “The 0% offer allows drivers to spread the cost of accessories, maintenance, repairs and more, all with the reassurance of Volkswagen Retailer customer service. “

Bumper, CEO, James Jackson, said, “So far, the UK aftersales sector has demonstrated commitment and innovation when it comes to keeping key workers on the move. From drop off and pick up service appointments for essential work, through to offering frontline staff special service discounts, dealers are showing they are willing to pull out the stops.

“However, ability to pay for aftersales services, no matter how urgent, will also be compromised. Introducing payment flexibility can be one way in which dealerships can offer these key customers support during uncertain times.

“Because of the uncertainty that will surround the economy for some time after the current lockdown measures are lifted, many people will be unable to, or wary of paying for expensive repairs on their car.

“Again, providing customers with payment flexibility, such as the ability to split their payments interest free over a number of months, will help dealerships retain customers and sell work that might otherwise prove difficult.”

Bumper is an interest free financing solution for car repairs and services that is customer centric and responsible. To get your Credit Limit and find participating garages, click below to find a service partner.

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