What would our cars and streets look like in Dune II?

What would our cars and streets look like in Dune II?

Seen the second Dune film and desperately looking for your next spice fix? Well, look no further, using AI technology so futuristic even the Harkonnen would be impressed, we’ve transported our cars, streets, towns and cities to a far-off galaxy and joined in the fight for Arrakis.  

And if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of watching Timothée Chalamet run around in the sand for 3 hours we might have just saved you some time and about £15.

1. A very sandy Westminster

Believe it or not, this lovely photo started out as a picture of Westminster Bridge. AI has really transformed this iconic London spot. Although, there’s always been a few sand snakes in there.  

2. A spicy ride

We can definitely see Paul Atreides driving one of these.  

3. Traffic on your way to the spice farm

There’s even traffic on Arrakis, typical.  

4. Checking your blind spot

Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear sandier than they are. 

5. Sandy hills

Watch out for those worms!  

6. London-bye

We heard the Fremen were incredibly sad about the prospect of the London Eye moving to Scotland.  

7. What on Arrakis is that?

Is it a car? Is it a worm? We don’t even think the Reverand Mother knows the answer to that one.  

8. Angry riders

Feyd-Rautha would definitely cut you up in this traffic. Serious road rage that one.   

9. A place in the sun

Maybe somewhere for Paul and Chani to settle down? If they ever sort things out, that is.

10. Dune comes to Manchester

You might not have thought it, but this was originally a shot of Manchester. Odd that we can’t see any Man-Dunians though. 

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