What would our streets, towns and cars look like after a zombie apocalypse?

What would our streets, towns and cars look like after a zombie apocalypse?

We’ve always been told the end is nigh. But how will it happen? Cataclysmic asteroid? A wandering black hole? Killer robots sent from the future to destroy the Earth?

Obviously not! It’ll be a zombie apocalypse of course.

But what will our streets, towns and cars look like when the time finally comes? Using AI, we’ve been able to answer just that. Here’s the world you’ll be left with when the flesh-eaters finally take over.

1. Abandoned towns and cities

As the virus sweeps across the country, many will flee towns and cities leaving them completely abandoned.

2. Motorway madness

It may seem like a good idea to flee via motorways but with traffic beginning to get worse in the panic, many vehicles will be ditched as the horde approaches.

3. Impossible car parks

That’s if you can even get your car out. Why would they park like that in the first place? Flippin’ heck.

4. A wasteland

As you can see here, UK town centres will become dark and depressing places. Much like they were before the apocalypse.

5. Empty houses and streets

Houses will be left empty, with fleeing families having hardly any time to gather their worldly possessions.

6. Zombies on the streets of London

London will be filled with mindless zombies roaming the streets; scarcely interacting with each other. A lot like your morning commute is today.

7. The whiffy dead

As public transport completely shuts down and the streets become quiet you begin to ask yourself, what’s the point in survival if you’re not truly living? Still, at least it means no more tram journeys in the armpit of a stranger.

8. A safe place

Many will take to the countryside in search of safety.  

9. An empty tank

Diesel and petrol will become a scarce commodity. Plus, pay at the pump will probably be down so you’ll need to go in and actually interact with the staff at the garage. Creepy stuff.  

10. A new life

Your new life is a far cry from your old one. Constantly on the run; driving from town to town to escape the undead. You pray daily your car will make it as far as the next stop necessary for survival. Maybe they were right. Maybe you did need that extended warranty after all. 

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