When to offer Bumper to customers

When to offer Bumper to customers

For most drivers, Buy Now Pay Later is a new option when it comes to paying for their car maintenance costs. Although they’ll probably be aware of it as an alternative payment method with retailers such as Ikea or ASOS, many won’t know the option exists at garages and dealerships. 

To make sure drivers know how easy it is to fit repair costs into their monthly budget we need to introduce them to Bumper during their visit. 

But what’s the best way to do it? And when is the best time to do it? Let’s take a look. 

1. First interaction with the customer 

Introducing PayLater to the customer at your first interaction means the customer has all the information available to them from the get-go.  

Bringing your car in for a repair or service can be a daunting experience for customers. Most drivers don’t know much about cars and could be facing a potentially large repair bill. Let the customer know about Bumper when they arrive and put their mind at ease.  

Below is an example script you can try with your next customer. 

Try: “Just to let you know, we have multiple payment options available including pay monthly with Bumper.” 

2. Discussing the VHC with the customer 

What does the customer need replacing following their vehicle health check? A fluid top-up, new tyres, and brakes? It’s a particularly negative list of essential repair work to have to read out to customers. Break it up by offering Bumper. Let PayLater ease the burden of mounting repair costs and you might find the customer can afford more essential work than they thought. 

Try: “Your vehicle health check has identified your car requires new front brake pads and 2 new tyres. That comes to £600, or can be split over 4 monthly payments of £150. Which payment method would you prefer?”

3. Completing the payment process 

Since you let the customer know about Bumper early on, completing the payment process should be a doddle. Customers are increasingly looking for new digital methods of payments and a pay monthly option at the point of sale is something they’ll be pleased about. The key is to position PayLater as a payment method like cash or card.  

Try: “Would you like to pay that by card or in monthly instalments?"

Looking for more ways to boost customer experience using Bumper? Contact our Engagement Team to request training here

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