Will a car dealer let me finance car repairs?

Will a car dealer let me finance car repairs?

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, and that's definitely the case when your car is out for repairs.   

Being suddenly car-less can upend your life completely. How do I get to work? How will I get the kids to school?  

Where will I find the money to pay for servicing and parts? As with most major purchases, there are options for financing, from simply putting it on your credit card to getting a loan from a lender. But your credit card limit might not be enough, and even if it is, today's card interest rates can be punishing.   

A car repairs loan might be more attractive, but it can be time-consuming and complex to obtain, with applications, credit checks, and long waits. Meanwhile, you're still stuck without a car.  

Most of us return our cars to the dealer when something goes wrong. But will a car dealer let you finance an unexpected repair job? Keep reading to get the full answer. 

Do dealerships finance repairs? 

The answer is ‘sort of’.  

While many manufacturers have established repair financing programmes for new car owners, not every dealer in their networks participates. When they do, you may have to visit the dealership to complete an application in person.   

After that, the number of payments you can spread the cost over is often restricted to two or three. For repair jobs above £2,000, the approval processes and credit checks typically get tougher.

And what do you do if you own a used car or one no longer covered by the manufacturer's warranty?  

Luckily, new finance options are available to help get you back in the driver's seat with minimum fuss and without gouging you with extra fees or high interest.

Can I pay for car repairs in instalments? 

Yes! There are plenty of finance options to help you pay off your car repairs in small instalments. However, make sure you’re selecting a service without high fees or big interest payments (like Bumper).  

Car repair finance - A better way to pay 

New digital platforms are changing how we select and pay for products and services. Services like Klarna, for example, let you pay 'buy now and pay later' (BNPL) for things flexibly.  

You can make a purchase and try it out in real life before paying or spread the cost of a larger purchase out into manageable instalments. If you commit to a fixed schedule of payments at a fixed amount, the additional cost is often zero.  

That's where Bumper comes in. We're addressing the evolving ways customers want to pay for goods and services by bringing easy 'pay later' options to the automotive sphere. 

What's the secret? Bumper lets you split a hefty repair bill into smaller, easy-to-manage, interest-free payments.  

Alternative ways to pay for car repairs 

Not sure whether car finance is right for you? There are a few alternative options to help you pay off repairs without putting stress on your finances.  

One popular way is to borrow money from family and friends. Of course, this isn’t an option for everyone and depends on the financial situation of your loved ones. But it’s a great option if available. 

If you have an emergency fund set aside, you can use it to cover car repairs. An emergency fund is a separate bank of savings that’s only for emergencies. Many consider big car payments an unexpected expense, so if you can, now is a great time to dip into the emergency savings. 

You can also make quick cash via odd jobs or selling unwanted items. However, this might not work well if facing a significant cost. 

Finally, if the repairs are minor, you can fix them yourself. This is only a good idea if you have previous mechanic experience and the repairs have DIY fixes. If not, it’s always best to contact a professional. 

How Bumper finance works  

Bumper offers car owners a simple four-step process for using its BNPL service. Here’s everything you need to know before using Bumper car repair finance: 

  • First, visit our home page and enter your vehicle registration and postcode.   
  • Search for a local repair centre and select the one you want.   
  • Complete a soft credit application for up to £5,000 and receive your unique Bumper Code. Processing typically takes less than a minute. Once approved, you can book an appointment at your chosen garage.   
  • When agreeing on the cost of the repairs, drivers simply give the garage their Bumper Code. They’ll send a link to your smartphone, where you can choose how to spread out the payments.  
  • Pick the months to spread the cost over and fix a suitable date to complete the payments. You can even use Apple Pay or Google Pay to set it up.   

Bumper ensures you never pay more for servicing or repairs when spreading the cost. And the maximum credit limit you’ve been offered is never shared with the garage.

More about Bumper  

We’re a fintech startup founded by entrepreneurs James Jackson and Jack Allman. A few years back, they saw a market opportunity to bring a BNPL service to the car repairs and aftersales market. The platform they’ve created provides car owners with a simple, interest-free way to access flexible payments that are both mobile and fully automated.   

Car owners love Bumper, and so do garages. Our unique AI-driven automotive scorecard helps avoid loan defaults. Over 60 percent of Britain’s franchised UK dealers already use us, including Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, and Nissan. 

Stop worrying about unexpected car dealership repairs - The takeaway 

At Bumper, we’re committed to giving car owners more financial flexibility by taking the worry out of unexpected car repair costs.  

The automotive sector can be a bit old school when it comes to technology, but offering a BNPL option can help move it more in sync with consumer buying habits.  

In the post-COVID era, people have massively pivoted towards digital payment methods. Bumper is helping bring the automotive aftermarket into the digital age.  

Want to learn more? Visit our How It Works page and try the online calculator.  

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