Cheap Cars To Insure For New Drivers: Young And Old

Cheap Cars To Insure For New Drivers: Young And Old

Passing your test is an awesome feeling, the freedom of being able to explore the country without an instructor or experienced driver with you is one of the greatest things about cars and driving in general.  

But as is often the case, there’s a fly in the ointment of being a new driver, insurance. Because insurers base their premium prices on risk, the fact you’re newly qualified and not experienced does not work in your favour.  

To try and reduce the impact being a new driver has on your wallet, pick a car with a low insurance rating (AKA band). This will mean lower premiums. Below, we’ve researched and compiled 8 of the cheapest cars to insure for new drivers.  

Cheap Cars to Insure for Young Drivers

If you’re under 20 years old, insurance companies will penalise you even more for your lack of experience, these cars are perfect for travelling to and from college or school and taking road trips with friends.  

We’ve also listed some guideline insurance prices, based on a 17-year-old driving while living at home with parents - remember your insurance quotes will vary greatly depending on personal circumstances. 

Ford Fiesta - Group 2 - £1,500 per year

One of the most common first cars and cars for young people, the Ford Fiesta is a legendary supermini, been produced since 1976 right up until 2023, there’s been plenty of innovation, changes and improvements over the years.  

For a great used bargain, check out the Mark 6 model; years 2008 - 2016, which came with cruise control, electric windows and A/C on the mid-range to high-end models such as Titanium.  

Renault Twingo - Group 2 - £1,450 per year

Renault excels at making small city cars, and the Twingo was their smallest car in production for a long period. Designed to be made for people who need slightly less space than the Clio, its clever packaging and design meant it actually had almost as much interior passenger space as one.  

Because of its small engine, high safety rating and low cost, the insurance group is only level 2, meaning it's very cheap to insure, and will help bring the price of new driver insurance down. 

Vauxhall Corsa - Group 2 - £1,470 per year 

The Corsa is another young driver favourite and has been since its release in 1993, this is due to its compact size and low maintenance and running costs. The new Corsa is no different but is no longer the smallest car in the Vauxhall lineup.  

If you’re lucky enough to be buying a new car for your first one, Vauxhall offers great zero per cent interest deals, and the cars come fully loaded with Apple CarPlay, cruise control and more. 

Seat Mii - Group 3 - £1,640 per year 

Even though it’s built on the same platform as the VW Up!, surprisingly the Mii is cheaper to insure. This may be because the insurance groupings are based on risk and statistics rather than just car type.  

Subjectively, the Mii does have better styling and a better-designed interior, which is another reason to opt for it over the VW Up! It also comes with more equipment as standard such as 16” alloys, and a DAB radio playing through a 6-speaker sound system. 

Cheap Cars to Insure for Older First-Time Drivers

Even though many people learn to drive as soon as possible, at age 17 or 18, we know that it’s not always possible or required for some people until later in life. For that reason, we’ve also compiled a list of ideal first cars for older drivers, who may need space for families and work duties.  

These would also be great for any foreign nationals who’ve recently moved to the UK, as insurance costs for expats can be considerably higher. 

Skoda Octavia - Group 13 - £1,150 per year 

The 1.6 diesel version of Skoda’s popular saloon or estate car is a good choice for those looking for low insurance. The relatively low power but great safety features mean the insurers don’t deem them a high-risk vehicle.  

Perfect for a family, they have plenty of room for 4 people and luggage, the estate being ideal for carrying a dog, bikes or just doing tip runs. The infotainment is up there with the sister car, the Volkswagen Passat, but at a lower price point.  

Kia Sorento - Group 12 - £1,070 per year

Whilst the 2.2 diesel Sorento doesn't have the smallest of engines, its low insurance group means it's still relatively economical to insure. The SUV platform would suit someone who prefers a high driving position too.  

Kias have become a great choice for those wanting peace of mind too, with their 7-year warranty as standard, and reputable dealer network.  

Mazda 6 Estate - Group 16 - £1,320 per year

Another roomy estate, the Mazda 6 is a slightly bigger offering than the Octavia but is still in a low insurance group - meaning affordable cover. The boot is cavernous at over 520 litres, and the 2.2 diesel engine has plenty of grunt too. 

We think the Mazda interiors of recent years are some of the most stylish out there, easily competing with the harsh lines of VW and BMW interiors, and being more subtle than Mercedes. 

Vauxhall Combo Life XL - Group 12 - £1,240 per year

If practicality is your main concern, a car based on a van would probably be ideal. The Combo Life is just that, with 7 spacious seats and windows in what was a Combo Van floor plan and drivetrain.  

A clever folding mechanism and the removal of the rear row of seats result in an enormous amount of space, perfect for hauling furniture, pets or other large items. The Combo Life comes well equipped too, with a touchscreen navigation system as standard, with a DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.  

For more tips on how to get cheaper car insurance check out our guide here

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