Motorists plan to delay service due to cost of living crisis

Motorists plan to delay service due to cost of living crisis

A recent survey by the Motor Ombudsman found that 68% of motorists plan to decrease vehicle-related expenditure due to the current cost of living crisis.

The survey of 2,000 participants revealed that 56% of car owners didn't currently have a service plan, 23% expected to delay their service and 33% expected to miss their annual recommend service entirely.

Although an annual service isn’t mandatory, the check is recommended by manufacturers and is important for keeping the vehicle in good condition and safe for road users. 60% of respondents recognised the importance of an annual service and 35% understood the positive impact a service history can have on the vehicle’s resale value.

The survey revealed motorists were concerned about the cost-of-living hike, with 87% of motorists concerned about the high cost of petrol and diesel, as well as other large increases, such as National Insurance rising to 1.25% and an increase in inflation resulting in higher supermarket goods.

Consumers plan to react by cutting back on their vehicle use by walking or cycling, driving more efficiently to reduce fuel consumption, and shopping around for cheaper car insurance.

Find out more about reducing your fuel consumption.

Bill Fennell, Managing Director of the Motor Ombudsman, said “April has seen a coming together of several cost of living increases, which have unfortunately hit the wallets of consumers all at the same time. It’s therefore inevitable that something has to give, and our study has shown that servicing and vehicle maintenance is being seen as less of a priority. This is, of course, concerning – not following the vehicle manufacturer’s servicing schedule, and not taking their car to a garage to be looked at by a professional in the event of any mechanical problems is essentially compromising the safety and value of the vehicle.” 

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