Scariest places to break down UK

Scariest places to break down UK

With spooky season-season fast-approaching, we’ve put together this handy guide to the most haunted roads in Britain. To help you plan that Halloween getaway route (if there is such a thing), we’ve given each entry on this list a rating on the spook-o-meter. So without further-a-ghoul let's get into it. 

The M666 (M6) 

One of the oldest roads in the country, this route was built over 2,000 years ago by the Ancient Romans. And it seems they were rather keen on the 230-mile route from Birmingham to Carlisle, as they decided to stick around. It has been reported by many drivers that ghostly Roman soldiers have been marching across the road in the dead of night. 

It's good to have pride in your work. We've awarded this with a 3/10 on the spook-o-meter. We're pretty sure we can handle a few revenant Romans. 

The A229 (spine-chilling Suffolk to creepy Kent) 

Our next road on the list is, according to some sources, the most haunted road in England. That’s right it’s the A229 from Suffolk to Kent. Legend has it that along this road the ghost of a hitchhiker will ask you for a ride. Once on board, he’ll take his seat on the passenger side and start to tell you his stories, but then he will completely vanish in an instant! 

But that’s not the only reason to avoid the A229. It's also believed to be haunted by the ghost of a bride who tragically died on her wedding day. She's said to have walked the road ever since.  

A definite 6/10 on the spook-o-meter. We'll look for an alternative route on our next trip to Kent. 

The S-S-S-Stocksbridge Bypass 

The final entry on our list is without a doubt our scariest. During construction of the Stocksbridge Bypass linking Sheffield to Manchester, night-time security guards reported seeing several children laughing and singing in the dead of night. Construction workers on the bypass also spoke of children dressed in ‘old fashioned clothes’ dancing in the road.  

Also, during construction, guards saw a cloaked figure that later vanished. Soon after, presumably traumatised by the events, one of the guards quit their position. Investigating officers on the scene claimed their car began to shake whilst an unknown figure had its torso pressed up against the window. 

Over the years, reports have also been made of children playing by the pylons and some other drivers have even said they’ve had to swerve to avoid bodies in the middle of the road.  

Very spooky indeed. We're giving this one an 8/10 on the spook-o-meter and will definitely be giving this one a by-pass. 

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