Our top 5 cars from scary movies

Our top 5 cars from scary movies

This Halloween we are celebrating some of the most iconic cars featured in movies fit for Halloween! We’ve narrowed them down to our top 5 favourites – some due to their looks and others because of their heroic nature! Take a look at the cars and their movies listed below and see if you agree: 

5. The Mystery Machine - Scooby-Doo  

It would be impossible to write this list without including the wonderfully colourful Mystery Machine! It isn't completely clear what this green and blue van with orange daisies is, but it is often believed by fans to be either a Dodge A100 or a Chevy G-Body.  

Usually driven by the character Fred Jones, this famous ‘van’ features in the Scooby-Doo TV series since 1969 and then later in two movies. The Mystery Machine earns its place in our Halloween list not only because of our fond memories of the Scooby-Doo franchise but also because in one early episode it comes to life and goes rogue!  

4. Cadillac Series 62 - Nightmare on Elm Street 

Featured in this beloved classic of the horror genre, this beautiful red 1958 Cadillac Series 62 really is a car to die for.

Well, perhaps not. Belonging to Glen, the boyfriend of the leading character Nancy, this car plays a vital role at the end of the film when all appears calm again and Freddy Krueger has evaporated. On an innocent journey to school, the car becomes possessed by Freddy and the green and red striped top of the car suddenly comes down and locks them in before driving uncontrollably down the street with Marge dragged in through the window! 

3. Ford Anglia 105E - Harry Potter 

Ok, so this isn't really a Halloween movie, but this magical car from the wonderful world of wizardry surely deserves its place on the list. Originally a standard Ford Anglia until bewitched under the ownership of Arthur Weasley and used to fly (not drive!) his family around. 

The car becomes a star of its own right in the second Harry Potter film of the series, The Chamber of Secrets when it is stolen by Arthur’s son Ron along with Harry and used to take them to school. 

The car becomes entangled in and then engulfed by the famous Whomping Willow on the grounds of Hogwarts School. It features again later in the film when it comes to the rescue of Harry, Ron and Fang the dog from the vicious Aragog’s family.

2. The Ectomobile - Ghostbusters 

Appearing in all four films from 1984 to 2021 as well as the animated television series and video games, we think it’s fair to say that everyone recognises this car! 

The Ectomobile, AKA the Ecto-1 is based on a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Sentinel. This fictional vehicle was originally designed by Steven Dane who is quite rightly, listed in the credits as Hardware Consultant. 

Featuring several gadgets as well as its ‘proton cannon’ mounted on top, this car is responsible for transporting the Ghost Busters and their ghost-busting equipment on their missions around New York City. 

Due to its popularity, a miniature replica of this car has been mass-produced and sold as toys all over the world.  

1. The Batmobile - Batman 

Taking our number 1 spot in the list is this hero of all hero cars. The Batmobile! A heavily customised armoured tactical assault car relied upon for its speed during a pursuit, it's fair to say that Batman would not be Batman without this car.

First appearing in the comic series in May 1939 as a red car, it has featured the iconic bat motif and has had many customisations and facelifts throughout the years reflecting the evolution of technology. The several iterations from the comic books and TV series to the films and video games have kept the car current and incredibly popular. 

The Batmobile as we know it now is a sporty and mean-looking black car that can also self-drive.

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