Top 9 Cheapest Cars to Repair and Maintain in the UK

Top 9 Cheapest Cars to Repair and Maintain in the UK

All cars will need some amount of maintenance and repair in their lifetime, but the cost to repair a car can vary wildly depending on the car’s brand, model and age.  

If you’re in the market for a new car, and are budget conscious, it would pay to check out our top 9 cheapest cars to maintain and repair, all widely available in the UK. 

 1. Ford Fiesta - 1.4 Petrol 

Often, the more popular a car is, the cheaper they are to fix, as the parts and knowledge are much more readily available. The Ford Fiesta is the most commonly seen car on UK roads.  

Ford parts have always been readily available and reasonably priced, which contributes to the overall affordability of the Fiesta.  

 2. Nissan Micra - 1.2 Petrol 

Another small compact car, the Nissan Micra is extremely popular all over the world, including in the UK. With the latest cars being based on chassis designs from Renault it has an even wider pool of parts and expertise available.  

Whilst other Nissan models (such as the Juke and Qashqai) have gained a reputation for untimely engine and gearbox failure, the Micra has remained high on the reliability lists.  

 3. Honda Civic - 1.8 Petrol  

For a petrol engined car, you can’t go far wrong with a Honda, whilst the parts may be typically slightly higher in price than Ford or Vauxhall in the UK, their reliability and durability means they’re still a great choice. 

The generation from 2005 to 2012 has a good reputation for reliability, and the parts are relatively inexpensive. 

 4. Mazda 3 - 1.6 Petrol 

Mazda are another well-renowned Japanese manufacturer, whilst the 2.2 Diesel engines have been known to have issues, the 1.6 chain driven petrol engine is regarded as a very reliable and fuel efficient engine, meaning it’s both cheap to run and is less likely to break.  

Mazda parts can be expensive, especially from the main dealer, but with the sheer number of Mazda 3’s on the road, picking up usable second hand or refurbished parts shouldn’t be an issue.  

The Mazda 3 is loosely based on the Ford Focus platform, meaning they are a perfect sized car for a small family, with 5 doors and a reasonably sized boot. They offer excellent safety and fuel consumption. 

 5. Renault Clio - 1.5 Petrol 

Renault have always made great small cars, following on from the extremely popular Renault 5 of the 80s, the Clio has been a hit with people who need a compact car since its launch.  

Model years 2013 - 2016 are now reaching reasonable price points, but are still crammed with great tech and safety features. The 1.5 petrol engine is a nice size, affording a reasonable amount of power - meaning motorway journeys aren’t an issue - but still returning in excess of 50 MPG when needed.  

Whilst French cars are often not as commended as Japanese ones for reliability, the Clio has always been a reasonably safe bet, as they’re internals have remained relatively simplistic and dependable. Parts for Renaults are much more on the affordable side too. 

 6. Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel 

If you drive longer distances and need slightly more space than the cars listed so far, a Ford Focus might be just right for you. The focus is spacious enough for 5 adults and luggage, but efficient enough to keep fuel costs reasonable.  

For commuting longer distances the 1.6 diesel engine would be perfect, delivering adequate power as well as fuel economy in excess of 60 MPG. Being a Ford it’s easy to find the right parts and at a reasonable prices 

 7. Hyundai i10 - 1.2 Petrol 

Hyundai’s 5 year unlimited mileage warranty means even if you buy an i10 when it's a couple of years old, you’ll still have the peace of mind that if anything breaks it’ll be covered.   

The i10 is a great city or first car, boasting compact packaging, a very reliable powertrain and great economy. Parts for Hyundai’s are very reasonably priced, meaning if anything goes wrong it won't cost the earth to repair. 

 8. Toyota Prius - 1.8 Hybrid 

Toyota’s hybrid system has been around for quite a few years now, and with the very high number of vehicles sold, and the large number of model changes mean the Japanese manufacturer has refined the Prius’ drivetrain to be extremely reliable.  

Whilst some of the hybrid parts can be expensive to buy, they’re not known to fail regularly. The mechanical components such as brakes and suspension are reasonable in cost and also not prone to failure.  

If you’re looking for an economical city car the Prius could be perfect, with its hybrid system enabling MPG figures in excess of 70, even in the city.  

 9. Honda Jazz - 1.4 Petrol 

Like the Civic, the Honda Jazz has a great reputation for reliability, with the 1.4 chain driven engine rarely giving fault, and any components relating to suspension, braking and steering being relatively cheap. 

The Jazz also offers great practicality, as it sports 4 doors and room enough for 4 adults inside. If treated with care and serviced properly a Honda Jazz can give many years of cheap motoring.  

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